Sunny War “If It Wasn’t Broken” Hen House Studios

Music Video
“I wrote ‘If It Wasn’t Broken’ at the end of a rough relationship,” War writes . “The chord progression is soothing to me, and I especially like Nikita Sorokin’s violin part. If you listen carefully you can hear the surdo drum imitate a beating heart throughout the track. This was the producer Harlan [Steinberger]’s idea. I hope the pulse of this song can comfort and resonate with other broken-hearted people.”

Sunny War – vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
Micah Nelson – surdo
Nikita Sorokin – violin
Album “With the Sun” Hen House Studios
Video by Randi Malkin Steinberger, Riccardo Spinotti, Valentina de Amicis

Particle Kid “Music” Hen House Studios

Music Video
“This song was inspired by a spontaneous conversation I had in 2015 with Paul Simon about folk music and then later that night I was randomly flipping through channels in my hotel room and stumbled upon a PBS documentary called “CHILDREN OF ISIS”. I was inspired by the conversation with Paul and shaken to the core by the film. Sleep was futile, so I instead stayed up all night writing “Music”. Its basically a cathartic, idealistic dream vision… my reactionary fantasy message to the children of ISIS. I wish I could translate it to Arabic. The whole idea is probably naive and useless, but it at least makes for a pretty song with a positive message. I hope it bring some joy. Who knows, maybe it can change a mind or two…I have seen music do that.” -Micah Nelson

Micah Nelson – Guitars, vocals, charango, percussion
Paul Bushnell – Bass
Single recorded and mixed by Harlan Steinberger at Hen House Studios
Super 8 and iPhone video shot and edited by Randi Malkin Steinberger

lì e via (Studio Alighiero Boetti Rome)

A short film by Randi Malkin Steinberger
Shot in Super 8 film by Randi Malkin Steinberger and Luca Pancrazzi at Alighiero Boetti’s studio in Via del Pantheon, Rome in 1990. Photos from the book “Boetti by Afghan People”.

Music by Paul Bushnell, Robbie Fitzsimmons, Dave Ralicke, Harlan Steinberger and Maria Vidal at Hen House Studios

Ellyn Maybe “City Streets” Hen House Studios

Music Video
I heard half of the long, quietly mesmerizing “City Streets” on the radio—what was this? A woman with a poem, with music and a sung chorus not behind her but circling her, and the poem neither exactly recited nor sung, but spoken with such a lilt, in a voice so full of miserabilist pride—at forty, a woman is still getting high-school insults tossed at her (“Hey Mars girl,” a man shouts on the street, “get off the Earth”)—that it’s music in and of itself. – Greil Marcus, Believer Magazine

Poem Ellyn Maybe
Music Tommy Jordan and Harlan Steinberger
Album “Rodeo for the Sheepish” Hen House Studios
Super 8 film shot and edited by Randi Malkin Steinberger


Documentary Film
Inspired by the quote from St. Francis of Assisi, “you are what you are seeking”, Randi Malkin Steinberger set out to document her observations and those of the contemporary traveller. Shot entirely in the three mythic cities of Jerusalem, Florence and Las Vegas, tourists, guides and experts reveal a subtle contradiction between the modern pilgrims’ anticipated expectations and their actual experiences. Holi-days suggests that the transformation we seek can be as profound as a religious epiphany, as superficial as a successful shopping spree, or as life-changing as winning the jackpot.

Sundance Channel- Docday Premiere – Selected screenings: IDFA- lnt’l Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam; IFP Market, NY – Spotlight on Documentaries, Feature Documentary Section, Silver Lake Film Festival, CineVegas, Wisconsin Film Festival.
Directed by Randi Malkin Steinberger
Edited by Fabienne Rawley
Camera by Dani Zion, Alessandro Berti, Chuck Lang
Music Harlan Steinberger and Hen House Studios

Il Viaggio

A short Film for Kate Pulitzer Freedberg 1958-2010 by Randi Malkin Steinberger
Super 8 film shot in Morocco, Italy, Indonesia and France 1985-1990